AI智能问答-学无止境 AI解答 what do we mean by stock characters and situations

what do we mean by stock characters and situations

Stock characters and situations refer to commonly used and easily recognizable character types and plot scenarios in literature, film, and other forms of storytelling. These characters and situations are often stereotypical and predictable, and are used to quickly establish a familiar context for the audience.

Examples of stock characters include the hero, the villain, the damsel in distress, the wise old mentor, and the comic relief sidekick. Stock situations might include the quest, the love triangle, the underdog overcoming adversity, and the battle between good and evil.

While the use of stock characters and situations can be seen as formulaic and lacking in originality, they can also be effective in engaging audiences and conveying universal themes and messages. Many classic stories and films have relied on these familiar archetypes to create compelling narratives that resonate with audiences across cultures and generations.