AI智能问答-学无止境 AI解答 在面对研究生面试、推销员推销、博物馆导游、被问及最喜欢的运动等情景时常用的英文词汇、短语和句子



1. Can you tell us about your research experience?(你能谈谈你的研究经验吗?)
2. What are your research interests?(你的研究兴趣是什么?)
3. How do you plan to contribute to our program?(你打算如何为我们的项目做出贡献?)
4. Can you explain your research methodology?(你能解释一下你的研究方法吗?)
5. What are your long-term career goals?(你的长期职业目标是什么?)


1. Can I interest you in our latest product?(我能向您介绍我们最新的产品吗?)
2. Our product is designed to meet your specific needs.(我们的产品是为了满足您的特定需求而设计的。)
3. Our product is the best on the market.(我们的产品是市场上最好的。)
4. Our product has received rave reviews from customers.(我们的产品得到了客户的好评。)
5. Our product is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.(我们的产品有满意保证。)


1. This exhibit showcases the history of…(这个展览展示了…的历史。)
2. The artifacts on display here are from the…(这里展示的文物来自于…)
3. This painting was created by…(这幅画是由…创作的。)
4. The architecture of this building is…(这座建筑的建筑风格是…)
5. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.(请随时提出您可能有的任何问题。)


1. My favorite sport is…(我最喜欢的运动是…)
2. I enjoy playing… in my free time.(我在空闲时间喜欢打…)
3. I find… to be a great way to stay active.(我觉得…是保持活力的好方法。)
4. I have been playing… since I was a child.(我从小就开始打…)
5. I like the challenge and physical activity that comes with playing…(我喜欢打…所带来的挑战和身体活动。)