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what are the elements of classical tragedy

The elements of classical tragedy, as defined by Aristotle in his work "Poetics," include:

1. Plot: The plot should be a complete whole with a beginning, middle, and end. It should have a clear cause-and-effect chain of events that leads to the tragic outcome.

2. Character: The tragic hero should be a person of noble birth or high status, with a tragic flaw or hamartia that leads to their downfall.

3. Thought: The play should explore universal themes and ideas that are relevant to the human condition.

4. Diction: The language used in the play should be elevated and poetic, appropriate to the characters and the situation.

5. Music: The use of music and song can enhance the emotional impact of the play.

6. Spectacle: The visual elements of the play, such as costumes, scenery, and special effects, should be used to support the story and enhance the emotional impact.

Overall, classical tragedy aims to evoke feelings of pity and fear in the audience, as they witness the downfall of a great person due to their tragic flaw.


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